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Meditek laser

Service of Candela and Cynsoure Alexandrite lasers

Technical service specialized in the repair and maintenance  of Alexandrite Candela and Cynosure lasers.

Meditek is a Company specialized in medical maintenance services, which started its way twelve years ago, providing a technical service based on the repair and the fine-tuning of the best brands of medical and aesthetic service industry as well as of all sort instrumentation and aparatology intended for medical treatment in general.

The team is formed by highly qualified professionals; our technicians and engineers have an extensive experience and they are trained in the most prestigious firms of the sector.

The professional team are formed by technicians and engineers highly qualified which have an extensive experience and they were trained by the most prestigious firms of the sector.

Over these twelve years, Meditek has provided high quality technical support to many Companies from national and international levels. Currently our Company offers support and technical service to over 50 countries such as Saudi Arabia, United States, Australia, South Korea and a substantial proportion of South America, Eastern and Western Europe.


The Meditek´s course of action places a focus in the main brands and firms of the medical and aesthetic sector such as Candela and Syneron.

Meditek is the official service for Asclepion Laser Technologies in Spain and Portugal.

Currently, many of the best and most prestigious clinics trust in the professionalism provided by Meditek, guaranteeing our commitment of delivering excellent quality services, efficiency and fast response time and start-up of the equipment in a maximum period of 48 hours.

All the spare parts that we use have CE marking and are imported to the sector´s leading companies, mostly located in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Meditek laser

Our Services

Repair and maintenance of  Candela and Cynosure Laser Devices

Spare Parts and Accesories for your Candela and Cynosure Laser Device

Maintenance Contract For your Candela and Cynosure Device


Meditek Warranty and Coverages

Meditek laser

Why Meditek?


Meditek offers the best market price in maintenance and repair of medical equipment

Qualified Professionals

professional team consists of engineers and certified technicians, with experience


All our repairs and maintenance are carried out according to procedures and standards laid down by each manufacturer.

Our Spare Parts

All the accessories and spare parts used are purchased directly manufactures

Work all over the world

Currently, our repair and reconstruction service of laser head, cards and power supplies is exported to over 30 countries around the world.

Meditek Laser guarantees all its services and repairs for a 6 months period, twice the time established by law

Years of Experience


Warranty Months

Asclepion official technical Service for Spain and Portugal

Our Services

Repair and maintenance of medical and esthethic laser equipment

Spare Parts and accesories



Meditek Warranty


We work with the best companies in the sector

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