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Meditek Laser?


Meditek offers the best market price in maintenance and repair of medical equipment, it means a significant cost reduction for our clients, allowing them to have a great competence in the medical an aesthetic sector.

Qualified Professionals

The professional team consists of engineers and certified technicians, with up to 15 years’ experience in the first brands electro medical sector.


All our repairs and maintenance are carried out according to procedures and standards laid down by each manufacturer.

Our Spare Parts

All the accessories and spare parts used are purchased directly from Europe and United States manufactures, due to not to be subject to any particular brand, Meditek selects among different spare parts suppliers  to get the best possible quality-price terms and offer it its customers.


All of our spare parts fulfill the current regulations strictly in terms of the safety, reliability and performances.

Work all over the world

Currently, our repair and reconstruction service of laser head, cards and power supplies is exported to over 30 countries around the world.

Meditek Laser guarantees all its services and repairs for a 6 months period, twice the time established by law

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